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Blackfox Radio is all about free radio stations past and present so if you own or have owned or worked on a free radio station, on a boat, fort or other structure or land based radio station then send me an email with any info, pictures or recordings by clicking on the email button above. You will also be able to follow the present Blackfox Radio tests on 105.5 FM. Podcasts will be available for the test transmission programmes so if you are not in range of the transmitter or even live in Alice Springs in the outback of Australia you can still hear the music we offer. The site will expand so keep dropping back.

Michael Jay: Station manager and DJ.

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Blackfox Radio is now on Hamsphere 4

Blackfox Radio now broadcasts on the Hamsphere 4 virtual 48 metre band at 6272khz usb.

Just download the hamsphere 4 rig and you will be able to tune in when we are on the air. Hamsphere 4 is so much more as you will be able to talk to other users arround the world. Enjoy!

Listen to Radio Caroline

At certain times of the year Radio Caroline North can be heard on 1368khz medium wave live from the Ross Revenge on the Blackwater river in the south of England and the internet stream picked up in the Isle of Man and broadcast courtesy of Manx Radio on 1368khz using their medium wave transmitter

Radio Caroline is broadcasting with a licence from the Ross Revenge on 648khz medium wave to the south East of England with a power of 1kw

Radio Caroline can also be heard worldwide on the Internet

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